I was born in Syros, an island in the heart of the Cyclades, under the bright Aegean sun. I studied Theatre and I work as an actress since 2000.

Ever since I gave birth to my two daughters I discovered the joy of picturing images deriving from my dream world on the clothes I made for them. That’s how I became fascinated by kid’s fashion design.

On 2013 I founded my designer childrensware brand, Girasole, a fashion line in which each piece is unique and 100% handmade. The Girasole atelier – boutique is at the centre of the old city of Nafplion.

My wish is to brighten the face of each child wearing my clothes with the sunlight of my childhood memories.

Girasole is the Italian word for Sunflower.

The image of thousands of sunflowers on a hill always follows me.


This is the leitmotif of my creations. Clothes that welcome, reflect and reach for the sunlight.

Each piece is unique, a small work or art. Through a technique that combines different materials, an image appears on each piece. An island under the sun. A washing line under the sun. A boat under the sun. A seagull, a lighthouse, a sunflower.

The canvas for my images is denim, a cotton textile that shows flexibility, practicality and strength, always simple and authentic.

It is the cotton canvas in the shades of the sun and the sea.

Despite the dark times concerning labour conditions in my country, Girasole clothes are made in Greece in a dignified and respectful working environment.